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Steve TeradaNeoKarate is what we call all those techniques, moves and kicks that you see in movies and in forms (katas) at national sport karate tournaments. Unlike the movies, though, we don't use wires or special effects. This Web site's goal is to serve as a reference point for extreme martial arts, karate moves and karate techniques on the Web. 

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XMA Revolution

   Kicks and Tricks Database

Being Refurbished

We have added reCAPTCHA to the prevent spammers from clogging our database. New terms and tips should be safe from automated spammers. However, we have over 1 gigabyte of data to filter, which is why you may have noticed the tips section has shrunk for the time being.


MA-TRIX.com closed

With the growth of video sites like Bilang and YouTube ma-trix has relocated to other homes.

   T-shirts and Books

The popular Crash Zone extreme martial arts t-shirts are available now as Neo Karate merchandise along with other designs. Check out the designs by clicking Gear.

Looking for a good book to use for training. Check out what we recommend in Reviews.

   Free Email Account coming January 2008

It's Free--free of cost AND free of spam! It has tons of features.

We have found a new email host and will be migrating our NeoKarate.com domain starting in January of 2008. Check back to reserve your favorite email account name @neokarate.com.

   Other Features
NeoKarate is due for a make-over and will be rolling out new functionality throughout 2008.


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